Welcome to American High School

Welcome to our American high school, where we foster academic excellence and personal growth in a supportive, diverse community.

Who We Are?

At AHS, we’re committed to bringing personalized learning to all students. Our mission is to remove barriers that prevent children from reaching their true potential with accessible private schooling that is dedicated to education equity for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Our mission at American High School is to provide a convenient and effective online schooling solution. We are a team of educators, innovators, and individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the way education is delivered. Our goal is to empower students, parents, teachers, and institutions by offering a reputable and comprehensive online education platform. We believe in pushing the boundaries of traditional learning methods and encouraging creative thinking and exploration.

Why American High School?

With an education from AHS, students and their families can benefit from the following:


Imagine a world where individuals have the freedom to choose their educational pursuits. Picture a world where learning can happen on one's terms, at any time, and in any way. This is the reality of online high school. In this world, education becomes seamlessly integrated into daily life, unencumbered by barriers and offering complete freedom. A child's journey of learning begins from the moment they enter this world, starting with early social and environmental learning, basic language acquisition, and numeracy skills. Even as the child progresses to formal schooling, the support and involvement of parents and family members are crucial in reinforcing and enhancing education. International Schooling takes this concept further by striving to create a positive learning environment through comprehensive education. Our vision benefits not only our students but also their families and society as a whole. We believe in creating an optimal learning environment that is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Our goal is to empower families to engage in informed discussions about a variety of academic subjects, making learning an integral part of everyday life. With the rise of smartphones, tablets, and technology in general, learning can be seamlessly combined with modern digital tools and platforms. Our adaptive teaching pedagogy allows our high school and middle school students to complete their tutorials online while enjoying the outdoors, finish assignments from the comfort of their couch, or even take evaluations while traveling on a bus. Being a student in an online high school means that your school and learning journey can stay with you wherever you go, giving you an edge over many of your peers. The American High School goes beyond conventional K-12 education; it represents a new age of convenient schooling. Our approach amalgamates the core principles and practices of both traditional and contemporary schooling philosophies. It is a progressive, continuous, and ever-evolving approach to education.

Our Grade Band Offerings


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

One significant advantage of online schooling with American high School is that our accredited program offers students a globally recognized diploma accepted by colleges and employers worldwide. Additionally, our curriculum further enhances the benefits of online schooling. At AHS, we provide extensive support through our exceptional team of counselors, mentors, and academicians. Regular student feedback and assessments allow students to track their progress effectively.

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