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K12 Private Academy offers a number of resources for enrolled students, their families, and prospective students. We’re here to answer your questions about private online school and guide you to the support you may need for your unique circumstances.

If you’re looking for additional help, please contact us with any other questions you have.

Student Resources

If you’re an enrolled student at K12 Private Academy, you have numerous opportunities to make your education even more fun and exciting through our online clubs and student events.

K12 Private Academy encourages social interaction and development for students of all ages. We offer a wide variety of age-appropriate and teacher-supported online clubs and social groups where students can gather with peers over engaging topics that interest them. Students can meet other K12 Private Academy learners and bond over shared experiences and passions such as cooking, pets, music, crafts, and fitness.


Explore exciting events designed to intrigue and invigorate students of all ages. These online student events are a great place to get together with peers and discover new topics of interest or learn more about a subject. Curious about video game or mobile app design? Or maybe you’re looking to explore your creativity through photography. There might just be a student event to match your interests.

As a parent or guardian of a K12 Private Academy student, you have access to various resources to help support you and your child’s education. We provide quick access to various forms and documents you need as well as various online events for parents that impart tools and other helpful insights.

At K12 Private Academy, we observe various American holidays and in-service days. Whether you’re scheduling a vacation or you’re just looking to plan ahead, you can find the dates K12 Private Academy is closed on the holiday calendar listed on page 10 of the school handbook.

Prospective Student Resources

For those considering enrolling at K12 Private Academy, you can find resources to get started. Whether you’re in the United States or living abroad, you’re welcome at K12 Private Academy.*

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How Online School Works

AHS combines the flexibility of an online platform with the strong curriculum of a private school. This creates a learning environment that’s equitable and accessible to students from around the world at any learning level.

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Online Private School Tuition

We respect the commitment that families make when they choose to enroll their children in a private school. AHS has worked hard to offer high caliber education at a remarkable value. As a result, our online private school prices are significantly less than typical private schools.

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Online Private School Scholarships

K12 Private Academy believes that every student deserves an exceptional, accredited education, regardless of their financial circumstances. We have a number of scholarship options to help ensure that a K12 Private Academy education is within reach for anyone who would like to pursue it.

Looking for Something Else?

If you still have questions or you’re looking for other resources not listed here, feel free to reach out. Contact us if you can’t find the answers you need online.

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Fill out the form to download our school brochure or talk to one of our certified academic counselors.

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