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How does online school work?

AHS offers a comprehensive online learning experience, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to obtain a high school diploma with utmost convenience and flexibility. All you need is access to a computer and the Internet. Benefit from the convenience and flexibility of our program, As one of the most accessible and cost-effective online accredited high schools, we prioritize the following advantages:

Accessibility: Our year-round enrollment system allows learners to access courses at their convenience through eBooks or Internet content. With the ability to study 24/7 from any personal computer or mobile device, education is truly within reach.

Convenience: Our confidential Student Portal serves as a centralized platform to store study materials, assignments, and track progress. Students have the freedom to study at their own pace, without the restrictions of set class times or group projects, making it ideal for those with varied schedules.

Academics: Our curriculum is highly regarded, as demonstrated by the positive feedback from our graduates. We offer two distinguished diploma programs, along with a wide range of individual courses. Our experienced Academic Counselors and state-certified teachers are readily available to offer support and guidance from enrollment until graduation. Effective communication and ongoing engagement with teachers are strongly encouraged.

Embrace the benefits of online learning! Upon successfully meeting all graduation requirements, students become eligible to participate in our annual live graduation ceremony. Join us in this transformative educational journey by contacting our enrollment team at +971-563770222 or by enrolling online today.

A School Without Walls

American High School provides a balance of structure and flexibility. The system is designed to accommodate diverse learners with uniquely tailored lessons that keep your student engaged while allowing flexibility in the pace of their learning.

Online classes work similarly to those in conventional brick-and-mortar schools. Your student attends live classes in a virtual classroom where they engage in lessons and assignments both individually and in groups. They complete assignments offline and submit them through our platform. They can also participate in clubs and other groups to encourage social development outside of the classroom.

Our Online School Platform

AHS online education platform was thoughtfully designed to be comprehensive, intuitive, and robust. Our online school gives students the power to gain and stay in control of their education by providing the right amount of structure to support their learning. At AHS, students:

Participate in live virtual classes

Access and submit assignments online

Engage in interactive discussions with peers and teachers

Connect with teachers for extra help as needed

Experience online clubs and virtual field trips

How does AHS online school work for parents?

At American High School, parents have exclusive access to their child’s education, which provides them with unique opportunities to intervene promptly when their child faces challenging topics, ensuring that learning gaps are addressed before the student falls behind.

Through this access, parents can utilize built-in planning and progress tools, simplifying the process of scheduling and lesson planning for their child.

Moreover, parents play a crucial role in supporting their child’s education by logging attendance and monitoring progress, ensuring that their child remains on track. The online platform conveniently displays completed lessons as well as those that require further attention, enabling targeted focus on any challenging topics.

To foster connectivity and community, TAHS also organizes events for both parents and students, accessible through the online platform. These events serve as a means for everyone to stay connected and engaged in the educational journey.

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