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College Preparation and Career Counseling

Guiding Students to Their Ideal Futures

American High School walks students through every step of their education, helping them map the path to their own definition of success. Through our college preparation and career counseling programs, we offer resources and support for various developmental topics, career planning, and college application submissions.

Counselors Provide Reliable Support

Our career prep high school counselors have a single goal in mind: helping students reach their personal visions of success.

Our College and Career Counseling Program Offerings

American High School makes sure you have the support you want and need when pursuing your college and career goals. Our dedicated counselors are here to help students discover their unique vision and plan the steps needed to get there, starting from as early as sixth grade. Students can benefit from many kinds of assistance, including:

– One-to-one counseling to assist students in the development of their post-graduation plans

– Redirection and support when students find themselves off course

– Personal and social development through small group sessions

– Solution-focused individual counseling

– Collaboration between students, counselors, teachers, Learning Coaches, and administrators to ensure student success

– Live weekly sessions covering topics related to the college admissions process, such as financial aid, scholarships, letters of recommendation

– Access to Naviance Student, a comprehensive college and career planning platform that helps connect academic achievement and post-graduation goals

– SAT and ACT test preparation resources and support

– A special consortium with colleges and universities that offers over 500 dual enrollment courses to full-time high school students”

Who qualifies for college and career counseling?

American High School students who are enrolled full-time in our high school program have access to our college and career counseling services. With dedicated, self-motivated students and the help of this program, our AHS graduates have gained admission to top universities and colleges around the world.

College and Career Counselors

Our college counselors for high school students are available across grades 9–12. They’re able to assist with identifying classes or activities that support a student’s career goals, offering tips for applications to top-choice universities, finding financial aid and scholarships, academic advising, SACS CASI, NCA CASI, NWAC and more.

Career Prep High School Classes

In addition to our comprehensive curriculum, students at American High School have the exclusive chance to partake in Career Prep. This cutting-edge online program merges traditional academic subjects with industry-specific electives that are relevant to students’ future careers. By participating in this program, students can actively pursue their college and career objectives while simultaneously working towards earning their high school diplomas.

From as early as sixth grade, students can enroll in AHS Career Prep and choose from a wide range of elective courses covering various topics such as human and health services, marketing communications, and game design and programming. This program allows students to explore potential career paths and begin developing their interests and skills.

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