Your Personalized Online Schooling.


Your Personalized Online Schooling.

Welcome to American High School

American High School, Loved by 12000+ Students and Trusted by Parents across 135+ countries has emerged as a center of academic excellence. International Schooling assures vivid, flexible and relevant learning where students are provided with an appropriate learning environment of their own choice. Here, students don’t follow the curriculum, rather the curriculum follows them in our tailor-stitched classrooms. Quality schooling is the right of every student and acts as the core aspect of growth and development for them and International Schooling is fairly committed to this thought.

How Online Private School Works

Experience interactive sessions and expert guidance from qualified educators, all from the comfort of your home.

A School Without Walls

American High School classes are online, removing barriers so students can attend class from anywhere there's an internet connection, facilitating flexibility and accessibility.

Tailored Lessons

We're focused on the individual students and their unique needs. This flexible approach helps students overcome hurdles they might encounter at brick and mortar schools.

Academic Excellence

Experience a 360 degree education with private academy school curriculum standards that are designed to help children of all ages reach their true, personal potential.

Welcome to American High School

Welcome to American High School, where academic excellence meets innovation. Join our vibrant community offering top-tier education, personalized learning experiences, and a supportive environment fostering success in every student's journey.

Campus Life

Building a vibrant community of creative and accomplished people.

Our online academic programs for grades K–5 use the natural inquisitiveness of young minds to engage students’ imaginations and reinforce key concepts in meaningful, memorable ways.
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Tapping into the expanding minds of growing students, our private online middle school curriculum is crafted to engage students with the right amount of challenge to keep them stimulated.
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As students grow into high school, our curriculum flexes to appeal to their mindset and experiences, driving engagement with powerful learning tools at their fingertips, seamlessly empowering their academic journey.
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Dedicated Students

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Trained & Certified Teachers

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Prepare for Success

Give your student the benefit of a flexible and personalized education. Discover innovative classes, professional teachers, a comprehensive curriculum, and a robust online learning system at American High School

Our Students Have Joined Top Universities in the World

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Learn to Write Flash Fiction
12:00 am - 5:00 pm
Birmingham, UK
Applying Natural Laws to Technology and Society
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venice, Italy
Managing Time for Study
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
NewYork, USA
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have a lot of questions!
Well, we have answers to all your concerns and queries.

Is American High School an 'ACCREDITED' school?

Yes, American High School is an accredited K-12 American online school. We proudly hold accreditation from Cognia, USA, which is widely recognized as the world’s most reputed school accreditor. Cognia is a consortium of three US Regional Accreditors, namely NCA CASI, SACS CASI, and NWAC, ensuring that our school meets the highest standards of educational excellence.

Being an online school, The American High School does not follow a traditional academic calendar. Therefore, it is open for admissions throughout the year. Students can register and enroll in any grade or course at any time of the year.

The enrollment criterion depends on the grade you wish to enroll in. We take certain factors in consideration like, age and previous educational qualification/academic level attained. The minimum age for enrollment in Elementary School (Kindergarten-Grade 5) is 5 years, Middle School (Grades 6-8) is 11 years and the minimum age for enrolment in High School (grades 9-12) is 13 years.


Discover What Our Community Has to Say

American High School has allowed my son to learn at a personalized pace, avoiding the need to repeat material due to his peers' differing progress. This freedom to study subjects in accordance with his own preferences has greatly contributed to his sense of satisfaction and motivation. Moreover, his experience with the Academy has fostered a heightened sense of responsibility and independence.

Henry N 2023-22-25

I am extremely satisfied with my decision to enroll both of my children in American High School. The learning experience provided by the institution is well-structured, seamless, and encompassing. The teachers consistently demonstrate their supportiveness and are readily available to assist with any needs that may arise throughout the educational journey. Additionally, the administrative staff exhibits exceptional professionalism and competence in their interactions with parents and students.

Eli A 2023-11-25

It has helped him focus on his tennis trainings more with this platform because he didn't have to go to school everyday, and instead went to tennis trainings.

Kirstin L 2023-11-25

Mia was struggling in school with Math and was falling behind. With homeschooling, she is more confident in her abilities to do well and also has more time to do Ballet and violin.

Mariette Perez 2023-11-25

American High School has provided me an exceptional online learning experience, fostering my academic growth and success. Their dedicated faculty and comprehensive curriculum are unmatched.

Farhat Jamal 2023-11-25

American High School has provided me an exceptional online learning experience, fostering my academic growth and success. Their dedicated faculty and comprehensive curriculum are unmatched.

Samuel Beoulfur 2023-11-25

Our Partners

American High School is licensed with the Florida Department of Education. Our courses are regionally approved, our program allows students to learn skills that will help with skills needed for real-world careers while earning their high school diplomas.

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