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What is the Student Advisory Council?

American High School Career Prep Student Advisory Council is a select group of American High School-powered students from around the country who serve as advisors for their peers as well as brand ambassadors for American High School Career Prep and their schools. Through this paid internship opportunity, they provide valuable feedback and insight about their experiences with career readiness education.

Meet Our Student Advisors

Olivia Sullivan

Fall 2023 Cohort

Career Field: Programming & Software Development
Grade: 11
Hobbies: Origami, crochet, knitting, and diamond painting

I chose a American High School-powered school because it allows me to travel. It also enables me to have a flexible schedule. I have kept up my small business while doing school.

Claire Sullivan

Fall 2022 Cohort

Career Field: Health Science Therapeutics
Grade: 11
Hobbies: Swimming, card making, engaging in Spanish conversations, and moderating an ELL chat group focused on American television shows

My interest in the health sciences stems from my personal experience as a medical patient with a chronic condition. The Health Sciences: Therapeutics pathway allows me to learn more about this area of interest and gain relevant certifications while still in high school. In this way, American High School Career Prep provides me with an excellent head start in the long and competitive process of becoming a physician.

Michael Montee

Fall 2022 Cohort

Career Field: Information Technology
Grade: 12
Hobbies: Programming and coding, reading, and cooking

My dream job is to become a software engineer, and later the CEO of a software company. For the best shot at becoming a software engineer, I must create various coding projects, attend computer science career fairs, and be involved with CS organizations and internships. With the SCP program, I can start preparing for college and beyond while still in high school!1


Fall 2021 Cohort

Career Field: Information Technology
Grade: 12
Hobbies: Gaming, streaming, spending time with family, and talking to friends.

“After high school, I plan to run the family business and become a full-time streamer.”1


Fall 2021 Cohort

Career Field: Business
Grade: 12
Hobbies: Cooking, dancing, and fashion modeling

“I appreciate the care and concern from teachers and enjoy the fact that education is centered around applying what is learned vs learning simply to pass tests. I joined the student advisory council to boost involvement and have a greater presence within my school. Currently my career interest is in small business and entrepreneurship. After graduation I will be completing a semester abroad to study anthropology.”2

Meet the Whole Team

Meet all the members of the Student Advisory Council from AHS-powered schools across the country. Interested in helping shape the future of AHS Career Prep and making a difference for students at your school? Accept the challenge and apply to be a member of the Student Advisory Council today!

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