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At American High School, we’re dedicated to our parents and families as much as we’re dedicated to our students.

  • Communicate to the student values of moral and ethical behavior.
  • Refrain from placing undue pressure for high grades at any cost.
  • Be aware of a student’s need for a quiet time and a place to study.
  • Support the student’s efforts, but not edit, type, or in any other way do the work.
  • Encourage wise use of time.

We’re here to support you through your child’s educational journey. Explore our tools and resources, and contact us if you have any questions along the way.

Student Forms and Documents

You may need to access various forms and documents throughout the course of the school year. We’ve provided a list of the ones needed the most often for both prospective and current students.

Questions and Popular Contacts

Between the teachers, faculty, and other online support teams, we understand that it might be difficult to figure out who you should contact with a specific question. We’ve compiled a list of your most important contacts and the situations in which you should reach out to them.

I Have a Question About…

Your student’s homeroom teacher is your primary point of contact for information about your student’s progress, course requirements, and academic performance.

Your student’s academic success coach can work with you to ensure a strong start in school during the onboarding process, specialized student skillset sessions, and planning for a successful academic path.

Your student’s college and career counselors provide support on developmental topics, career planning, and college applications.

Download Free Brochure

Fill out the form to download our school brochure or talk to one of our certified academic counselors.

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